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Some of our Peeps team at the Tar Heel 10 Miler in Chapel Hill, NC.

Train smart, live well -- that describes Runnerpeeps perfectly.  If you're a Triangle-based endurance runner or triathlete, it's a terrific choice for your training needs.  Runnerpeeps offers a complete 12-month training environment -- with lots of encouragement, advice and support -- and includes everything you need to succeed.  Benefits include choice of 13 proven training plans for new and experienced runners and triathletes alike.  It's a terrific value.  You get weekly coach-hosted workouts, coaching guidance, private communications and workout calendar.  

The program is managed by Andrew and Stephanie Jeffries, who provide a great combination of proven coaching help and fun motivation and workouts throughout the year.   Andrew handles the coaching duties and is certified both as a US Track and Field coach and a USA Triathlon coach, with 20+ years competing in triathlons, marathons and endurance races.  Andrew has coached hundreds of endurance athletes over the past 7 years, many to podium finishes or personal best times and awesome race achievements.  Steph leads many of the workouts, with particular focus on trail running and endurance events, and provides lots of motivation and encouragement.  

Runnerpeeps is more than just training guidance, plans and workouts.  It includes a great learning environment too, with coach-hosted seminars throughout the year and informative blogs with recommended workouts and training advice to improve your training smarts.  It's a fun, welcoming atmosphere, with family-focused activities and group socials.  You get an awesome tech t-shirt and a lively, supportive community to train together all year long.  Runnerpeeps is an outstanding value, for only $90!   Enrollment for our 2015 program will begin in late December, however we're training all winter long!  Contact Andrew or Steph to join us for any of our weekly workouts until the new year enrollment opens.  Train smart, live well -- join Runnerpeeps in 2015! 


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